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One of the most important functions of the Association is enforcement of the covenants. The covenants are part of each homeowner's property deed. The covenants restrict the use of all property so that cars, boats and trailers may not be placed on lawns. Large dish antennas, outbuildings and chain link fences are also prohibited. One may not run a business or provide day care out of their home and homeowners are required to maintain their property. The covenants serve to protect the property values of all homeowners. It is the restrictive covenants and the Association's enforcement of those covenants that help this community maintain it's high standards.


The Architectural Review Committee has the exclusive right to grant approvals for construction and to waive or vary restrictions whenever, in the opinion of the committee, such is in the best interest of the owners of property effected. Added to this are perhaps some of the most restrictive building requirements in the City of Tulsa, further assuring Gilcrease Hills residents a high standard of community maintenance, quality home construction, compatible architecture and conservation of the common areas meant for the enjoyment of all.