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(As Amended, October 20, 1992)


That Gilcrease Hills Development Corporation, an Oklahoma Corporation (hereinafter sometimes called "Grantor"), is the owner of the following described real estate:

A Part of, the NW/4 of the SW/4 of Section 27, Township 20 North, Range 12 East, of the I.B.M., Osage County, Oklahoma being more particularly described by notes and bounds, as follows, to-wit:

Commencing at the Northwest Corner of said NW/4 of the SW/4; thence South 89-12-01 East a distance of 390.01 feet to the point of beginning; thence continuing South 89-12-01 East a distance of 258.00 feet; thence South 44-41-12 East a distance of 288.00 feet; thence due South a distance of 131.97 feet; thence South 57-17-58 West a distance of 186.97 ft; thence South 15-59-02 East a distance of 215.00 feet thence South 55-37-21 West a distance of 64.80 feet; thence South 21-15-49 West a distance of 109.32 feet; thence South 67-31-33 West a distance of 90.00 feet; thence North 33-23-30 West a distance of 169.00 feet to a point of curvature to the right, said curve having a radius of 570.00 feet and a central angle of 33-33-05; thence around said curve a distance of 333.78 feet to a point of tangency; thence North 0-09-15 East a distance of 364.51 feet and containing 6.04 acres, more or less, and has caused the same to be surveyed, staked, plotted, and subdivided into lots and streets, and designated the same as Gilcrease Hills Townhomes, a subdivision in Osage County, Oklahoma (hereinafter sometimes called "The Subdivision").


The Grantor hereby reserves for subsequent conveyance to the Gilcrease Hills Townhomes Association (hereinafter called "the Association") all "private" streets which streets shall be subject to an easement of use and enjoyment by all parties owning lots in the Subdivision. No vehicular ingress and egress shall be permitted over, through and across any property or area designated on the above described Plat as "limits of no access" provided, however, that points of access or a portion thereof may be released, changed or altered with the approval of the governmental authority having jurisdiction thereof.

Grantor further dedicates to the public use forever easements and rights-of-way as shown and designated on said plat for the several purposes of constructing, maintaining, operating, repairing, removing, and replacing any and all public utilities, including storm and sanitary sewers, telephone lines, electric power lines and transformers, community antenna television lines and amplifiers, gas line and water lines together with all fittings and equipment therefore including any wires, conduits, pipes, valves, meters, and any other appurtenances thereto, with the right of ingress upon said easement and rights-of-way for the uses and purposes aforesaid, together with similar rights in each and all of the public streets shown on said plot, PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that the Grantor hereby reserves the right to construct, within the subdivision, any and all such utilities and systems, and to maintain, operate, remove or replace any and all such utilities and systems so constructed by Grantor, and to authorize the construction, operation, and maintenance of any and all such utilities and systems together with the right of ingress and egress therefore over, across and along all of the public streets shown in said plat and over, across and along all strips of land included within the easements shown thereon, for the purpose of furnishing said utilities and systems to the subdivision.


For the purposes of providing an orderly development of the Subdivision and for the further purpose of providing adequate restrictive covenants for the mutual benefit of the Grantor and its successors in title (hereinafter called "Owner" or "Owners") to those parts of the Subdivision designated as the separate individually owned lots (Lots 1 through 30 inclusive) together with the Common Area (designated as Lot 31), Grantor does hereby impose the following restrictions, and create the following easements to which it shall be incumbent upon Owners to adhere, to-wit:

1. Land Use. All lots shall be developed and maintained solely for residential purposes, and such development shall be limited to residential townhouse dwellings.

Title to Lot 31, (hereinafter called the "Common Area"), has been conveyed by the Grantor to the Gilcrease Hills Townhomes Association (hereinafter called "the Association") and reserved for the benefit and the use and enjoyment of the Owner or Owners of the Subdivision. The Association shall not mortgage or otherwise encumber the said Lot 31. The Association shall be authorized to enter into such agreements with the Gilcrease Hills Homeowners Association (hereinafter called "GHHOA", which is also the successor to the Area Association referenced in other provisions) regarding easements and the construction of such items as recreational facilities not requiring the construction of buildings as will mutually benefit the Owners herein and the other members of GHHOA.

The Association shall be responsible for paying all costs related to the care, maintenance and up keep of Lot 31, except for any property taxes on Lot 31, which shall be paid by GHHOA.

The Subdivision was processed as a part of Planned Unit Development No. 167 consisting of 30 separate lots designed for individual ownership, together with Lot 31, designated as the Common area pursuant to Sections 910-970, 8 of title 42. Revised Ordinances of the City of Tulsa, as the same existed on December 18, 1974 and approved by the City Commission of the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma, on February 7, 1975. The total number of dwelling units in the Subdivision shall not exceed 30. The permitted density, required livability space, and required off street parking shall be regulated by Section 940.2, 940.3 and 960 of Title 42. Revised Ordinance of the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma, as the same existed on December 18, 1974.

In order that the public interest may be protected, the City of Tulsa shall be made a beneficiary of these covenants, and may enforce compliance therewith.

2. Construction Guidelines. All roofs shall be restricted to cedar shakes or cedar shingles or composition shingles, provided, however, certain now existing and future types of synthetic or natural roofing materials may be used upon the written consent of the Gilcrease Hills Homeowners Association Architectural Review Committee (hereinafter called "the ARC"). Composition shingles shall be restricted to a dark grey weathered wood color and shall not be less than a minimum weight of 240 pounds per square. Plain concrete block shall not be used as a principal exterior material. Colors, materials and finishes shall be coordinated on all exterior elevations of the building to achieve total continuity of design. Gutters and down-spouts are to be painted to match the surface to which attached unless used as a major design element, in which case the color is to be consistent with the color scheme of the building.

3. Fencing. No fence shall be constructed on any lot or in the Common Area without the prior written approval of the ARC created pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph 18 hereof. The ARC shall exercise complete control of the types, location, materials, finishes, colors and heights of all fences.

Each fence which is placed on the dividing line between Lots shall constitute a party fence, and to the extent not inconsistent with the provisions hereof, the general rule of law regarding party fences and liability for property damage due to negligent or willful acts or omissions shall apply thereto. The cost of reasonable repair, maintenance or replacement of a party fence shall be shared by the Owners who make use of the fence, in proportion to such use.

4. Clotheslines and Storage. No clotheslines shall be placed on any Lot in a location visible from neighboring property or within the public view. No lumber, metals, or bulk materials, shall be kept stored, or allowed to accumulate on any Lot or the Common Areas, except building or other materials to be used in connection with the work of construction, alteration, or improvement approved in accordance with there terms hereof.

5. Electrical and Telephonic Utilities, etc. Electrical and telephonic utilities and all community antenna television cables, including all supply lines (all of which electrical, telephonic and television installation are hereinafter collectively called "cable facilities"), shall be located underground in the easements hereinbefore dedicated for such purpose. Street light poles or standard shall be served by underground cable. Underground cable facilities to a particular dwelling may be run from the nearest service pedestal or transformer to the point of usage determined by the location and construction of the dwelling, provided that upon the installation of such a cable facility to a particular dwelling the supplier of such service shall thereafter be deemed to have a definitive permanent, effective and exclusive right-of-way easement on said Lot, covering a five-foot strip extending 2.5 feet on each side of such cable facility, extending from the service pedestal or transformer to the service entrance on said dwelling. Such suppliers shall at all times have right of access to all easements granted herein for the purpose of installing, maintaining, removing or replacing any portion of its facilities. Each Owner shall be responsible for the protection of the underground cable facilities located on his Lot and shall prevent the alteration of grade or any construction activity which may interfere with said cable facilities. Repairs or costs of relocation required by violations of this covenant shall be paid for by the Owner of such Lot. This covenant shall be enforceable by the supplier of such cable facilities and Owner of each Lot agrees to be bound hereby.

6. Antennas and Rooftop Appliances. No towers, antennas, aerials or other facilities for the reception or transmission of radio, or television broadcasts or other means of communication shall be erected and maintained or permitted to be erected or maintained on any Lot, except by installations inside of structures constructed on said Lot, or by underground conduits, provided, however, this provision shall not be construed to prohibit the construction of a master antenna to be used in connection with any community antenna television system operating within the subdivision. In addition to the architectural control to be exercised pursuant to the terms hereof, appliances or installations of any mechanical equipment upon the roofs of structures shall not be permitted unless they are installed in such a manner that they are not visible from the neighboring property or adjacent streets.

7. Party Walls. Each wall which is built as a part of the original construction of the homes within the Subdivision and placed on the dividing line between Lots shall constitute a party wall, and to the extent not inconsistent with the provisions hereof, the general rule of law regarding party walls and liability for property damage due to negligence or willful acts or omissions shall apply thereto. The cost of reasonable repair and maintenance of a party wall shall be shared by the Owners who make use of the wall in proportion to such use. If a party wall should be destroyed or damaged by fire, or other casualty, any Owner who has used the wall may restore it, and if the other Owner thereafter makes use of the wall, they shall contribute to the cost of restoration thereof in proportion to such use, without prejudice, however, to the rights of such Owners to call for a larger contribution from the others under any rule of law regarding liability for negligent or willful acts or omissions. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Paragraph 7, an Owner who have by his negligent or willful act cause the party wall to be exposed to the elements shall bear the whole cost of furnishing the necessary protection against such elements. The right of any Owner to a contribution from any other Owner under this Paragraph 7 shall be appurtenant to the land and shall pass to such Owner's successors in title. In the event any dispute arises concerning a party wall, or under the provisions of this Paragraph 7, each party shall choose one arbitrator, and such arbitrators shall choose one additional arbitrator, and the decision shall be by a majority of all arbitrators so chosen. Such decisions shall be binding upon all parties to the dispute.

8. Landscaping Guidelines. Each Owner shall maintain the slopes on his Lot at the slope and pitch fixed by the finished grading thereof, including watering and planting of the slopes. A framework of landscaping elements has been conceived for the Subdivision based on a total design concept, which will blend with and enhance the existing elements.

(a) Whenever existing growth is pleasing and in good condition, it shall be saved and utilized.

(b) Landscape elements shall be of the "long-lived" variety. Short-lived materials can be utilized, but only as a supplement to longer-lived elements.

(c) Landscape elements shall relate to architectural design elements. Landscape materials are considered to be a strong unifying element and, therefore, shall reflect the physical functional, and aesthetic qualities of the site.

(d) Simple palettes of materials and simple composition are recommended to achieve park-like design quality.

(e) Extensive horizontal and vertical surfaces comprised of singular materials shall be modulated or interrupted foliage masses.

(f) Trees, both lines and masses, shall be utilized to enclose and subdivide exterior spaces relative to each individual site.

9. Maintenance and Exterior Care of Dwelling Units. The Association shall perform all maintenance and repairs required with respect to all private streets shown on the plat, including any repairs necessitated by reason of damage to such private streets occasioned by the repair of water lines located thereunder. The Association, shall perform all maintenance required with respect to the Common Area.

The Association shall paint, repair, or replace the exterior walls of the residence on each lot and shall be responsible for mowing the Common Area and the lawns inside and outside the fenced area of each lot.

Each owner shall perform all other maintenance, repair, or replacement needed on the lot, including, but not

limited to, maintenance for the following: glass surfaces, down-spouts, roofs, fences (including the "party fence" as set forth in paragraph three (3) above), carports, patios, sidewalks, and any other exterior improvements on the lot.

In the event that the need for maintenance or repair is caused through the willful or negligent act of the Owner, his family, guests, or invitees, the cost of such maintenance or repairs shall be added to and become a part of the assessment to which such Lot is subject. The Owner of each Lot shall keep all parts of the same free from rubbish, litter, and noxious weeds. All trash, garbage, or rubbish and litter shall be kept in containers adequate for the purpose and shall be stored on the Lot in such a manner as to be out of public view until such day as is designated for collection of such material.

Each Lot shall be subject to an easement for access to make or perform reasonable repairs and maintenance on adjoining Lots and structures thereon; provided, however, that:

(a) Any damage caused by such entry upon a Lot or upon any adjoining property shall be repaired at the expense of the Owner whose property was the object of the repair work which caused the same;

(b) Any such entry shall be made only at reasonable times and with as little inconvenience as possible to the Owner of the entered Lot; and

(c) In no event shall said easement be deemed to permit entry into the interior portions of any residence.

In addition to any other remedies available at law or in equity, the Association may correct any breach of this restrictive covenant by an owner including any failure of maintenance, replacement or repair as set forth above, and assess the cost of such correction to the Owner as a part of the annual maintenance assessment provided for in paragraph 16 hereof. Once assessed, such costs shall be a part of such maintenance assessment and shall be collectible in the same manner and subject to the same remedies as such assessment.

10. Automobiles, Boats and Trailers. Except as expressly hereinafter provided, no Lot, including Lot 31, shall be used as a parking, display or accommodation area for any type of motor vehicle, boat, trailer, camper, or motor-driven cycle, the purpose of which parking, display, or accommodation is either storage or the performance of any activity thereon, such as, but not limited to, maintenance, repair, rebuilding, dismantling, repainting, or servicing of any kind, except the foregoing restrictions shall not be deemed to prevent the washing or polishing of such motor vehicles, boats, trailers, campers, or motor-driven cycles, together with those activities normally incident or necessary to such washing and polishing, nor shall it be deemed to prevent the parking and storage of motor vehicles, boats, trailers, or motor-driven cycles in any carport or garage located on any Lot within the Subdivision. No boat, trailer, camper, truck or commercial vehicle shall be parked at any time on or in front of any Lot or on the private street in the Subdivision, except as such parking is necessary to make commercial deliveries. No automobile shall be parked on any Lot other than on the hard surface driveway and no automobile shall be parked in the private street for longer than 24 hours duration at any one time. Storage of items other than vehicles indicated in this Paragraph 10 is prohibited unless otherwise approved in writing by the Owner and the Townhouse Association II.

11. Signs. No sign or other advertising of any nature whatsoever shall be placed or maintained upon any Lot, except neatly painted "For Sale", "For Rent", or "Open for Inspection" and such other signs as may be authorized by the Gilcrease Hills Homeowners Association Architectural Review Committee. All signs shall be subject to regulation by the Architectural Review Committee. Its written approval must be obtained before any signs, whether or not authorized herein, may be erected on any Lot.

12. Nuisances. No noxious, noisesome, or offensive activities shall be carried on upon any Lot nor shall anything be done or kept thereon which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to the Owners or occupants or any one or more neighboring Lots.

13. Animals. No animals, livestock, poultry, bees, or other insects, except domestic dogs, cats and household pets in reasonable number (which number shall not exceed two (2) unless specifically authorized by the Association) shall be kept on any Lot. Household pets shall not be kept, bred, or raised for commercial purposes. No animal shall be permitted to run loose unless accompanied by or under the control of the Owner thereof.

14. Commercial Activities Prohibited. Lots shall not be used for or in connection with the conduct of any trade, business, profession, or commercial activity of any kind or nature whatsoever. No building upon the Common Area shall be used in the conduct of any real estate business, as an office or otherwise, except that Grantor or its designees may maintain model home or real estate offices for the purpose of selling any Lot or Lots (improved or unimproved) subject hereto and other real property owned by Grantor or persons designated by Grantor, provided, however, that the right of Grantor to conduct such commercial activities shall expire fifteen (15) years from the date hereof.

15. Temporary Buildings. Except in connection with the proceeding Paragraph 1 and 14, no temporary or permanent structure, shelter, barn or outbuilding of any kind shall be maintained on any Lot other than the permanent residential structure and the storage room attached thereto, in any, provided, however, Grantor may erect and maintain temporary buildings only for construction and administration purposes incidental to the initial construction of improvements and dwellings within the Subdivision. All temporary buildings permitted hereunder shall be promptly removed upon the completion of the original sale of Lots or houses in the Subdivision owned by Grantor or persons designated by Grantor.

16. Membership in Association

(a) Every owner shall have a right and easement of enjoyment in and to the Common Area of the Association and the common areas and facilities of GHHOA which shall be appurtenant to and shall pass with the title to every lot, subject to the following provisions:

(i) The right of the Association to charge reasonable admission and other fees for the use of any facilities; the cost of maintenance, upkeep and repair of such facilities and the Common Area of the Association and the right of GHHOA to charge admission and other fees for the maintenance of the common areas and admission to the facilities designated on the development plan for Gilcrease Hills;

(ii) The right of either the Association or GHHOA to suspend the voting rights under their bylaws and the right to use any of their respective facilities by any Owner for any period during which an assessment against his Lot remains unpaid, and for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days for any infraction of the published rules and regulations of the Association and GHHOA;

(iii) The right of the Association to dedicate or transfer all or any part of the Common Area to any public agency, authority, or utility for such purposes and subject to such conditions as may be agreed to by the members.

(b) Membership and Voting. Every Owner of a Lot is subject to assessment and shall be a member of the Association and GHHOA. Membership shall be appurtenant to and may not be separated from ownership of any Lot which is subject to assessment. The Association shall be composed of all of the Owners of the Subdivision with each lot being entitled to cast one unitary vote regardless of the number of individuals who have an ownership interest in that lot.

(c) Creation of Obligation to Pay Assessments and Lien to Secure Payment. Each current Owner and any subsequent Owner of any improved Lot by acceptance of a deed therefore, whether or not it shall be so expressed in any such deed or other conveyance, shall be deemed to agree to pay to the Association: (i) assessments or charges, and (ii) special assessments for capitol improvements, such assessments to be fixed, established and collected from time to time as hereinafter provided, and to pay to GHHOA the assessments for the maintenance, repair and upkeep of the common areas and facilities, including, but not limited to, the clubhouse, playground, and community street lighting. The Association and GHHOA assessments and special assessments together with such interest, late charges, costs of collection thereof and reasonable attorney's fees, shall be a charge on the Lot against which such assessments are made and be a continuing lien thereupon.

(i) Purpose of Assessments. The assessments levied by the Association shall be used for the purpose of promoting the recreation, health, and welfare of the members of the Association in particular and shall be used for the improvement and maintenance of the Common Area and facilities thereon, the private streets in the Subdivision, residential dwelling units on the Lots, and services and facilities devoted to this purpose and related to the use and enjoyment of the Common Area and the residential dwelling units on the Lots. Maintenance of residential dwelling units shall be limited to maintenance as set forth in paragraph nine (9) above. The Association shall not be responsible for repairs necessitated by acts of negligence or omission by Owners, but shall have the right, at the sole option of the Board of Directors, to make such repairs, taxing the costs thereof to the Owner for whom such repairs are made. The Association specifically shall not be responsible for extraordinary repairs necessitated by storms, floods, hail, wind, tornadoes, fire, civil disobedience, riots, or other acts of God. (ii) Amount of Assessments. The amount of any such assessments levied by the Association or GHHOA shall be the reasonable cost of the maintenance, repair and upkeep as set forth herein.

(iii) Uniform Rate of Assessment. Any and all such assessments must be fixed at a uniform rate for all improved Lots and may be collected on a monthly basis.

(iv) Mortgage Protection.

(A) Any lien created upon a Lot pursuant to this subparagraph 16(c) shall be subject and subordinate to, and shall not effect the rights of the holder of indebtedness secured by any recorded first mortgage of trust (meaning a mortgage or deed of trust with first priority over other mortgages or deeds of trust) upon any such Lot made in good faith and for value, provided, however, that in the event of foreclosure of any such mortgage or deed of trust, any lien perfected by filing as provided in subparagraph 16(c) shall survive such foreclosure and shall attach to the interest taken any purchaser at a foreclosure sale, and shall thereafter have the effect and be enforced in the same manner as provided herein.

(B) No amendment to this paragraph shall effect the rights of the holder of any such mortgage or deed of trust recorded prior to adopting of such amendment who does not join in the execution thereof.

(C) By subordination agreement executed by a majority of the Board, the benefits of subparagraph 16(c) (iv) (a) and 16(c) (iv) (b) may be extended to mortgages or deeds of trust not otherwise entitled thereof.

(D) Copies of Documents. The Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, and rules and regulations of the Association and GHHOA may be examined at the offices of the Gilcrease Hills Homeowners Association, 1919 West Seminole, Tulsa, Oklahoma, during normal business hours.

(v) Exempt Property. The following property shall be exempt from the assessments created herein: (a) all properties dedicated to and accepted by a local public authority; (b) the Common Area and private streets within the Subdivision; and (c) all properties owned by a charitable or non-profit organization exempt from taxation by the laws of the State of Oklahoma; however, no land or improvements devoted to dwelling use shall be exempt from assessment.

17. Compliance with Laws. Each Owner shall promptly comply with all laws, statutes, ordinances, rules, and regulations of federal, state, or municipal governments or authorities applicable to use zoning, and occupancy of and construction and maintenance of improvements on the Lots and any additions thereto.

18 Architectural Control. No building, residence, fence, wall, or other structure or landscaping shall be commenced, erected, or maintained upon any Lot in the subdivision, nor shall any exterior addition to or change or alteration therein, or change in the exterior appearance thereof, or change in landscaping be made until specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, color, and location of the same shall have been submitted to and approved in writing as to harmony of exterior design and location in respect to surrounding structures and topography by the GHHOA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) composed of three (3) or more representatives appointed as provided in the bylaws of GHHOA. Copies of the Architectural Guidelines are available at the office of Gilcrease Hills, 1919 W. Seminole St., Tulsa, OK.

19. Approval, Variances, and Waivers. The ARC shall have the exclusive right to grant approvals required by the restrictions and to waive or vary the restrictions in particular aspects whenever in its opinion, such wavier or variance is in the best interest of the Owners in the Subdivision.

20. Enforcement. Except as expressly otherwise provided herein each of the Associations, or any Owner shall have the right to enforce, by any proceedings at law or in equity, all restrictions, conditions, the provisions hereof. Failure by the Associations or by any Owner to enforce any covenants or restrictions herein contained shall in no event be deemed a wavier of the right to do so thereafter. The City of Tulsa (unless the Subdivision shall be annexed to any other municipality, in which event, the municipality to which the Subdivision shall be annexed), action by and through any appropriate governmental agency or appropriate official, shall have the right to enforce any land use restriction set forth in Paragraph 1 hereof or to which the Subdivision may be subject pursuant to Planned Unit Development No. 167.

21. Severability. Invalidation of any one of these covenants or restrictions by judgment or court order shall in no way affect any other provisions which shall remain in full force and effect.

22. Amendment. Covenants and restrictions contained in this Certificate of Dedication shall run with and bind the land, and shall inure to the benefit of and be enforceable by the Associations, or the Owner of any Lot, their legal representatives, heirs, successors, and assigns, for a term of forty (40) years from the date this Certificate of Dedication is recorded, after which time said covenants shall automatically extended for successive period of ten (10) years. The covenants and restrictions of this Certificate of Dedication may be amended during the first forty (40) years period by an instrument signed by the Owners of not less than seventy-five percent (75%) of the Lots in the Subdivision and thereafter by an instrument signed by the Owners of not less than seventy percent (70%) of said Lots. Any such amendment must be duly recorded to effective.

23. Inapplicability to Property of Public Entity. The provisions hereof shall be inapplicable to any property now owned or hereafter acquired by the State of Oklahoma or any political subdivision thereof.

IN WITNESS HEREOF, the undersigned, being the Grantor herein, has hereunto set its hand and seal this 12th day of February, 1975.


By: George D. Thurman Vice President


Linda Williams

Asst. Secretary



) ss.


On this 12th day of February, 1975, before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for the County and State aforesaid, personally appeared George D. Thurman, to me known to be the identical person who subscribed the name of GILCREASE HILLS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION to the foregoing Certificate of Dedication as its Vice President, and acknowledged to me that he executed the same as his free and voluntary act and deed and as the free and voluntary act and deed of such corporation, for the uses and purpose therein set forth.

Given under my hand and seal of office the day and year last above written.

Notary Public

My Commission expires:

April , 1978



I, the undesigned, ABBIE T. TODD, Registered Land Surveyor

in the State of Oklahoma, do hereby certify that I have carefully and accurately surveyed the above descried real estate and premises dedicated as Gilcrease Hills Townhouse, a subdivision in Osage County, State of Oklahoma, and that the above plat is a true representation of said survey.

Dated this 12th day of February, 1975.

Abbie T. Todd

Registered Land Surveyor


) ss.


Before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for the State of Oklahoma, on this 12th day of February, 1975, personally appeared ABBIE T. TODD, to me known to be the identical person who executed the within and foregoing instrument, and acknowledged to me that he executed the same as his free and voluntary act and deed for the uses and purposes therein set forth.

Given under my hand and seal of office the day and year last above written.

Notary Public

My Commission Expires:

April 18, 1978


I do hereby certify that there are no unpaid taxes on Gilcrease Hills Townhouse.

Nezzie Horn Osage County Treasurer